Our Firm

Thompson Talents is a firm specialized in discover Young footballer talents. Our actions cross borders in order to find players to shine up dazzled by his talent, tactics and inventiveness.Our experience assures us that a talented young football player can be in the most unexpected place and with a particular story of life.

Young Talents

Therefore, there are multiple aspects that we consider as viewers. Some of them are technical and discipline to know how to treat the ball, the intelligence to make decisions on the field with his team, his personality and temperament in terms of having the ability to measure their attitudes with him and his mates, as well as physical ability to be the primacy quality in football and an almost indispensable factor

At First Sight

Unquestionably, the footballer looks at first sight between the pile to see how runs, moves, takes the ball, attack; and make it possible to continue the game by showing fans his exigency and versatility. It is passion, is inexplicable, but also preparation, training and discipline.

International League

We work with the leagues of Argentina, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium and China. . We are in constant search of stars, people whose talent can give success to a team.


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